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I saw a blog post once about using pieces of tile to make coasters. While I absolutely love that idea, I thought I would expand on that and make another home decor and serving item, the trivet. For those that don’t know, a trivet (at least the one that I am going to show you how to make) is an object that is placed between a serving dish or bowl and your dinner table to protect the table from heat damage.

What you will need is a 6″ by 6″ piece of tile. The ones that I found at my local home improvement store cost only $.25 each. You will also need some cork contact paper, decorative fabric, decoupage medium of your choice ( I used collage pauge by Aleene’s), white Craft and Hobby PVA glue, and a foam brush.

First cut the cork into the same size as your tile ( mine was 6″ by 6″). Peel off backing and adhere to the back of the tile.

Next cut your fabric to the size of the tile and iron to make sure it is free of wrinkles. Apply a coat of the PVA glue to the front of the tile and spread it out to make it even and make sure it goes all the way to the edges. Press your fabric down onto the wet glue and make sure there are no air bubbles. Let the glue dry.

Once the glue is dry, squirt on a glob of the decopauge medium and use the foam brush to completely cover your fabric. Be sure to press the decopauge medium into the fabric so that it goes all the way through the fabric. Once the fabric is completely coated, gently use the foam brush to remove any excess decopauge medium and let dry.

Congratulations! You now have a beautiful wipe able trivet to use at your next dinner party. And since they are so easy to make, you can easily customize them to your party theme.

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  1. How does it take actual heat from a pot? Any discoloration? I was thinkin of doing a top coat of Acrylic sealer but wasn't sure it could take the heat without damaging the design or color warping it…my design is an actual copy of a photo. Thanks!

  2. Kara says:

    I used fabric for my trivets and they have held up to the heat well. I am not sure about the paper, but all I can say is give it a try. The Decoupage medium did well to keep the trivets washable (with a damp rag) and didn't seem to react to the heat.



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