Fruits and Veggies Oh My!

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To continue in the last few days of Easter and Spring related foods, today I have some fun ways to serve fruits and veggies. First off is a fun planter filled with hummus and various veggies and pretzels for dipping. How cute would this be as your table centerpiece? To pull this off, I used one of my new unused planters (a terra-cotta pot would look super cute too!) and filled the bottom up with dried pasta (think macaroni and penne). Then I lined the inside of the pot with seran wrap so that it was coming out over the sides. Next I filled the pot with hummus and trimmed the extra overhanging seran wrap off using my kitchen sissors. Finally I “planted” my veggies and put a pretzel stick fence along the edge. All the extra veggies went on the bottom tray. Cute!

Next I tried to think of a clever way to display my fruit tray. I was thinking I would cut fun shapes from the fruit with cookie cutters, but that was more difficult and wasteful that I thought it would be, so instead I decided to shape my fruit tray into that of a decorated Easter egg. I used one of my oval shaped serving bowls and striped the two melons, then I added some pinnapple flowers and cherry polka dots. The kids and adults loved it, and I am still eating on the leftovers as I type. I love eating pre-cut fruit, it may be silly, but when the fruit is just sitting in the fridge I am less prone to eat it then if it is all nicely cut up in a bowl waiting for me to just dig in.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my fruits and veggies. Tomorrow will be the desserts!

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  1. This so clever! I love it.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz



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