Bunny Desserts

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Yesterday I promised some fun Easter desserts from my mom group meet up, so I am here to deliver the goods. While I did make a few little items, none of them were heavily dessertish, this was a toddler get together after all. The first thing I made was some of my meal in a muffins and decorated them with a little cream cheese icing and sprinkles.


The other item I made was some “bunny bait” which was basically a take on the famous puppy chow snack mix. For mine I used chex cereal, multi grain cheerios, and pretzel sticks. I tossed the ingredients in melted white coating chocolate (or Wilton candy melts) thinned out with a bit of vegetable oil. Once the items were all coated, I tossed them and some powdered sugar in a paper grocery bag until they were all coated. I then turned them out into a bowl and added sprinkles, m&m’s, and colored mini marshmallows. The great thing about this sweet snack is that you can use any cereal or crunchy items you have on hand and it always turns out yummy.

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