First Harvest of the Spring

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This year I haven’t posted much about my garden. This is mainly because I had a baby right in the midst of prime planting time, but I was able to get some plants in the ground, install soaker hoses, and add pine mulch to the garden beds. Hopefully all this will cut down on bugs and make watering so much easier. Last year I let my garden go around the end of July. It was just too difficult and time consuming to water for two hours everyday, but now I have my soaker hoses in each garden bed, so watering is a snap. Lets hope it continues to be easy through the hot central Texas summer.

Anyway, the weather has also been much cooler than normal for central Texas, so things are growing at a slower pace compared to last year. But I was finally able to harvest a small amount of chard, zucchini, yellow squash, jalapeƱos, string beans, strawberries, and cherry and sunburst tomatoes. Yay for a fruitful garden! Now let’s hope it continues and I don’t loose my tomatoes to the bugs and disease that are already setting in.

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