Pink, Gold, and Blue Circle Banner DIY

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Well, it is day two of party prep, and today I made the circle banner that I plan to hang up outside between the trees and the house for my daughters princes party. See the gift bags I made yesterday here.

To make this super simple banner/streamer, I used my 1.75″ hole punch and some gold, pink, and blue scrap book paper and sewing machine. All I did was cut a bunch of cirles of paper out and then sew them together with my sewing machine into a super long banner. And that is it! Really, it is that simple and it make such a huge statement.


Take a look at it hung up against the wall with some of the treat bags hung on it. Super cute, right?! And you can use this for more than parties. Think red, green, and white for christmas, or pink and red for valentines day. I think this little section of banner only cost about 25 cents, so it is super affordable too!

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