Advent Activity Day 2 – Faux Snow Globes

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Truth be told today we were supposed to make real snow globes with water and everything, but after adding the water, the trees started to let go of their dye and turn the water a yucky bluish color. So we had to scratch our plans and make faux globes instead. But they still turned out cute!

For this craft you will need:
• A mason jar (I got mine for 40%off at Michaels) 
• Epsom salts or white glitter 
• Bottle brush trees (hobby lobby had the cheapest ones at $1.99 for three small or two big)
• an adhesive of some sort (I used 5 minute epoxy resin and kwik seal waterproof adhesive because I was planning on making them real water globes, but just the epoxy will work for the faux ones)

First you will need to mix up some epoxy and glue the trees to the lid. While that is curing, full your jar with some Epsom salts and glitter (about 1/2 cup is all you need). When the epoxy is set go ahead and turn the lid upside down on your jar and close it up. Turn it over and TADA!
Now since I have curious toddlers and preschoolers at my house, I went ahead and used the kwik seal to permanently attach the lid to the jar so I don’t have glitter and salt all over the place from curious kiddos!

But seriously! How cute? And Madeline loved shaking the snow up. Even if it didn’t fall all pretty like in the water. 
Oh, and yes that is our handmade advent calendar in the background. If I don’t get around to showing you how we made it last year, just know that it consists of an old goodwill picture frame that I spray painted red, extra small jewelry boxes that I used for shipping earrings to customers, all sorts of different wrapping paper clippings, and some number stickers. 

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