Advent Activity Day 1 – Felt Ornament Decorating

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Today miss Madeline got to open her first advent box (we like to do one Christmas themed activity everyday leading up to Christmas). And what fun activity was awaiting her? Well ornament decorating of course!

Last year I made some green felt trees and felt ornaments to hang/stick on the trees. This year we added to the collection with some glittery crafted ones. 
I found these cute die cut ornaments at Michaels for 40% off and a pack of 6 glitter glue pens for $1 there as well. Together Madeline and I decorated our hearts out:
After they dried, we just placed them on the tree. 
And that’s it! So easy and fun and cheap (about $3 for 24 ornaments). It should also be mentioned that these ornaments had holes in them too. In case you want to put them on your regular tree as well. 
Have you made any ornaments this year? 

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