DIY Lego Advent Calendar

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Another advent calendar that we are doing with Madeline is a Lego Advent. Madeline started to play with Legos about 6 months ago, and we have been having a bunch of fun creating things with her (especially my husband). 

While looking online for fun gifts for her, he found a Lego advent calendar that had a little character to scene to assemble each day. But at around $35, it was more than I wanted to spend for an advent calendar. But thanks to some DIYing, we created this cute Christmas themed one ourselves. 
Brandon purchased two packs of holiday Lego kits. This one:

And this one:

Since there are so many pieces in each, you could easily just use one kit. 
But of course we (my husband) needed to get both. 
All we did was breakup the kit into our advent 

Each day she gets to put together
a little more of the scene. Then at the end we 
will have two super cute little Christmas 
scenes to display and play with. Today we
Finished the Santa kit. It is adorable! And at
Only $8 a kit, far more reasonably priced. 

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