Gallery Wall Wednesday – A Turquoise and Orange Kids Room

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I recently realized that I have 6 gallery walls in my house, so I figured I would introduce a new weekly feature called Gallery Wall Wednesday where I show you one of my gallery walls each week and talk about the different aspects of the wall and how I put the pieces together. I also have plans for several other gallery walls (one of family photos in the playroom and one in the guest room), so maybe this will help me get started on those projects as well. So, without further ado, I give you my first gallery wall.

This wall is part of my son’s room. He just turned 2, so I am still able to decorate his room to my desires, unlike my daughter who is 5 and has a say in everything d├ęcor related in her room. I went with a turquoise and orange tribal theme in his room. The gallery wall features wood art animals that I found on sale at Target about a year ago, along with some baby photos of him, and some personalized art.

The circle print on the right side of the room was actually made by my daughter before my son was born. I cut out a bunch of circles in different colored paper, and she used a glue stick to glue them down in any pattern she wanted (a great busy project for a preschooler). I love the personal feel this lends to the space. 

On the top of the gallery wall is a cross stitch birth announcement that my Mother in Law made for my son with pictures of a baby monkey and wolf. The middle alphabet name piece was a gift from my sister in law, and the heart string art with the missing r in Parker’s name was made my me (the r got lost during our move last year, and I have completely forgotten about replacing it until I was just looking at this photo). I love the way the personalized art from our family adds character to his walls and gives the whole thing more sentimental value.
As you can see, I also added a few triangle decals to his gallery wall along with a faux feather arrow. I like throwing in different objects to gallery walls to give them more interest and dimension than a wall of frames only. Not that there is anything wrong with a frame only gallery wall! The blue metal 3D “P” was purchased at Hobby Lobby, and adds to the dimension of the wall as well. 
The other thing I wanted to mention is the color scheme of the gallery wall. For this wall I was going with a turquoise and orange theme with varying shades of each. To pull off the color theme, not only did I incorporate those colors into the art displayed, but into the frames as well. My main source of cheap frames is Goodwill, then with just a coat of spray paint, I have a cohesive color palate of frames with which to create my gallery wall. Have I told you how much I like spray paint?!
Since this post is about the gallery wall only, I will wait to talk about the other elements of his room until tomorrow when I will show you a full reveal of his entire room. Including instructions to build your own teepee and other fun ways to use wall decals aside from just on a wall. So stay tuned!

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