Madeline’s Bathroom – Before and After

It turns out that not much was accomplished this weekend in terms of house changes. Unless the kids making it super messy counts. But, I was able to complete several new DIY projects that I will be showing you in the next few weeks. As far as house decorating and renovating goes however, nada. I did decide that I will dedicate this week of posts to my daughter Madeline and the spaces, art, furniture hacks, gallery wall, and fun things she likes.
To start off the week, her bathroom. When we moved in, this tiny little vanity area (and the attached bedroom) was an ugly shade of pink. I hated it, but Madeline loved it, and chose this to be her space solely based on the pink. Well, I let her have it for a couple of months, then slowly started to suggest she let me change her bathroom a bit. I had to promise her that if she didn’t like what I did to her bathroom, then I would change it back. Five year olds I tell ya! There was no way that bathroom was going to go back to the pink box, so I had to make this the cutest bathroom a 5 year old has ever seen. Luckily she loved it!
First things first. The before….
And the after….

To start off this transformation, I removed the existing builders grade mirror, white medicine cabinet, and the light fixture. I went with ultra pure white by Valspar in eggshell for the walls. Then I added dark pink vinyl polka dots to the one wall where her mirror was, and her mirror and light fixture were replaced with ones from Lowes.
Her cabinets were white thermofoil ones just like Parker’s bathroom, except the white looked more dingy and yellow once the walls were painted, so I decided to make the cabinets pop with a splash of semi gloss pink paint. Of which I still have almost a full gallon because the guy at the counter mixed me the wrong size. Anyone need something painted glossy pink?! The flower knobs were chosen by Madeline.
 I then thought, “hmm, that lavender ceiling doesn’t go in here at all.” So that turned dark pink as well.
Although the photographs don’t show it, the color on the ceiling, the cabinets, and the polka dots are all pretty much the same color. After the paint, came the accessories.
First were these owl prints. I found this cute fabric at the fabric store (can’t remember if it was Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics), and used spray painted goodwill frames to showcase it. And yes, it needs to be ironed. Sometimes I am too quick to put something up, that I tend to not do it correctly and then forget and a year later it is still sitting there incomplete. Oh well.

I also added two ikea picture frame rails to her wall where the medicine cabinet was (just like in Parker’s bathroom). The top shelf has a photo of her from her 4 year old photo shoot, a photo of us in the hospital after she was born, and a piece of potato stamp art she made crafting one day. The bottom shelf holds her little mail box that houses her hair bows and a brush. Next to her sink I have a strip of Boon fake plastic grass with two pink Boon Flowers (made as a drying rack for baby bottles, etc..) that hold her tooth brushes toothpaste, and hair ties. Her soap dispenser and hand towel also match the polka dots and ceiling in the dark pink color.
This space is officially done, the only thing on my eventual to-do list in here is the vanity/sink/counter change similar to Parker’s bathroom, and to replace the tile flooring with something a little more modern like gray tile or those wood look porcelain tiles. But for now, it is a heck of a lot cuter than the Pepto pink box.


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