DIY Art – Tissue Paper Party

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To continue in the week of Madeline, today I wanted to show you the piece of art work we created for the gallery wall in her room (which you will see tomorrow!).

The supplies you will need to make your own super awesome tissue paper art piece are:
*Tissue paper in your chosen color scheme (I used some from the Handmade Modern line at Target)
*Gold Foil Letters (again from Target and their dollar spot)
*A canvas in any size you wish
*Glue, Modge Podge, or any decoupage medium
First you will need to fold up your tissue paper until it is about 3″ wide.
Next, cut the sides of the tissue paper folds to create several 3″ long strips. Then, either using scissors or a rotary cutter and mat, cut appx. 1/2″ wide strips of tissue.
When finished you will have a pile of awesomeness that kids can’t seem to stay away from. Otherwise known as tissue paper strip confetti.
Now take your canvas and coat that thing fairly liberally with glue or decoupage medium and sprinkle the tissue over it making sure that all the white spaces of the canvas are covered. I went back and glued more strips in sparse areas to make sure the canvas was nice and covered. 
Once dry, cut the edges of the tissue off to ensure a clean, crisp edge and adhere your stickers in the phrase of your choice (we choose the lyrics to one of Madeline’s favorite songs). Then display promptly and gaze lovingly at your fun tissue paper party art. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see the gallery wall that this bad boy ended up on!

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