Gallery Wall Wednesday – The Living Room

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It’s that time again. Time for another Gallery Wall Wednesday post. This week we are taking a look at my living room wall.

I am honestly not sure how to classify this gallery wall other than to say that it is a jewel toned bohemian-esque space. It really is just a gathering of different prints and patterns (mostly framed fabric) and pieces that I like. But I guess that is true of all my gallery walls. This one in particular features lots of jewel tone colors and pops of gold. Below are some close-ups of some of the walls pieces.

Here we have piece of art that I created similar to the ones on my master bedroom gallery wall. As well as a gold and black metal sea urchin looking thing that I got at Target.
This is a Himmeli sculpture that I made using some brass pipe and wire that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I didn’t follow any directions with this one because it is fairly simple. Just threading the wire through the pipes and twisting to make a geometric sculpture. But if you wanted to try your hand at making one of the traditional Himmeli wreaths or mobiles, I would definitely look up some instructions.

Another fun addition to my gallery wall are these slices of gold rimmed agate that I attached using double sided foam tape.

Here is yet another slice of agate along with a gold framed amethyst stone photo which is actually from a paint swatch sample booklet from Lowes. Who doesn’t love free art?!

This bird and branch piece was actually made for me by my sister. I love how she adds 3D touches to her art work. Like the branch and feather in this piece.

Next we have another 3D sea urchin as well as a ring of brass keys I picked up at World Market.

You may remember the large gray sunburst mirror from a DIY tutorial I did a few years ago. Check here on how to make this $8 mirror yourself.

I hope to eventually fill this entire wall with art and different pieces, but that is an ongoing project. I will be sure to continue to share this space with you as it grows and transforms.

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