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Hello! It’s gallery wall Wednesday! It’s me, Kara’s mysterious, nameless, faceless husband doing a guest post!  This is the main gallery wall in my room.  My room houses my comic books, music equipment, craft supplies (*ahem* *ahem*), and action figures.  And a futon. And lots of crumbs.  And my shame.  I looove Star Wars, comics, art, etc.  Anything inspiring/cool/nerdy/childish(?) I’m game for.  Never be ashamed of what you love.  Especially if you’re already married and have nothing to lose!

As you can see, I’ve got an old Star Wars poster (I think it was $5 online somewhere), a giant metal “And” symbol (I think Kara got this for me), and some metal tin-type comic signs from Hobby Lobby (wait until they are on sale for half-off; otherwise, you a sucka!).  The Optimus Prime poster was also a Kara-present from a place here in Austin.  The Luke and Darth posters are from an etsy shop.  There are more from that set on the other walls.  Also throughout are a couple of pics of our kids and photos/art I made.  The W stands for “why so much stuff in this room?”.  Or our last name.

Stepping back, you can see some more of the tin-type posters and other Star Wars posters from etsy.  I’ve also got two framed pieces of wrapping paper (crazy!) that had cool designs.  One is a vintagey, New York themed one.  The other is a collection of different sci-fi, comic book characters.  Both of those were from Paper Source.  Also, an old camera of Kara’s is hanging up to give me indie/art cred.  I don’t think it actually works.

This is a close-up of the side-wall.  At the bottom, you can see a Tie-Fighter pilot piece done in the style of a religious icon.  I got a couple of these years ago at Austin Books and Comics.  

My Big Ben curtain/tapestry was a replacement for a double-sided, sliding door that was originally on the closet.  It sucked, because you could only access half of the closet at a time.  So, I took them off, attached an industrial pipe over the frame (from Home Depot), and used some Ikea curtain hangers to hold it up.  It’s a nice way to give a more ‘open’ feel to an otherwise small room.  And it smells way better than real-life London.

So that’s it! I will probably periodically change out pieces to keep it interesting.  I spend a lot of time there, so new inspiration is always appreciated. There is a whole built-in wall of shelves in the room also, filled with books, comic books, action figures, and other things, but those are for another time.  Maybe action figure Thursday? Stay classy!

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