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I have been working on decorating my guest bathroom lately which has also got me thinking about what I want to do with our guest room. Given it really isn’t used much, but right now it is just a hodge podge of different items that didn’t work well in the rest of the house and a bed. One easy thing that I did do for the guest room was make a geometric painted canvas headboard.

The bed frame that we have in the guest room is from Ikea and doesn’t have a real headboard. there is a piece back there, it is just flush with the top of the mattress. That being the case, I decided to make a quick and inexpensive headboard of sorts to give the room a little something. I already had these canvases on hand, but you can easily get some at your local craft store. Just be sure to pick them up when they are on sale or use a coupon to save some money.

The two other items that you will need are some craft paint and some skinny floral tape. This is the tape that I used.

You can see that it isn’t the standard floral tape that stretches and gets sticky. This tape was in the same area as that floral tape, but it is more like skinny duct tape. It is about 1/4″ wide. 
Now you just tape off the canvas with strips on tape going in various directions. There is no rhyme or reason to the tape pattern, just do what you like and be sure to overlap the tape in some places to create an interesting pattern. Once your canvas is all taped to your liking, use your craft paint to paint the canvas. I wanted the two canvases to play off each other, so I painted some of the light blue from the top canvas into some of the spaces of the dark blue canvas. I also used some light gold in some of the spaces of the top canvas to give it more dimension. Once your paint is dry, remove the tape (this is my favorite part).

 Now is is time to hang your headboard art. I placed them above the bed enough so that the pillows could easily lean against the wall instead of the canvases. Make sure to center them on the bed and your done. I love the impact this simple project gives to this room. It really turns this wall into a focal wall as well. Art and functionality in one swoop.

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  1. SEE says:

    Where did you get the canvases? How much did you pay for them? and how big are they? I want to do this!

    • Kara Whitten says:

      I am pretty sure I got mine at either hobby lobby, michaels, or Joann fabrics. The ones I got are 24" by 48". Right now I found some half off at Michaels for $16 each.



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