Gallery Wall Wednesday – The Built-Ins

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Last weeks Gallery Wall Wednesday post technically featured the last of my homes gallery walls with my husbands office. You can see the other gallery walls in my home here, here, here, and here. This week I am going to stray from the technical definition of gallery wall with a glimpse of my built-ins. If you have been reading along, you have seen these before in my post about my Morrocan table makeover, but today I wanted to give you some more close ups of the shelf styling.

This wall used to look much different when we first moved in as you can see here.

The built-in shelves predominately feature items in varying shades of blue, with some yellows/gold thrown in. I also made sure to space the shelves out enough so that the built-ins don’t look cluttered. Then it was just a matter of adding books going in various directions, tall items, short items, pictures, and curios. Below are a few of the shelves of my built-ins along with a few source details.

This is one of my favorite shelves in my built-in. I love the eclectic brass look of it. The globe and suitcase were from Home Goods, the brass rhino was from Hobby Lobby, and the brass planter was from World Market. 

As you can see from the close ups of the different shelves, they each contain varying heights, textures, and fun objects. The best part is that these are always changing and evolving. I can’t wait for the holidays when I can decorate the shelves with all my Christmas decor!
 The decor items on most of my shelves were either acquired from Home Goods, Target, Ross, Hobby Lobby, a local craft show, or a thrift store. If you are interested in where a specific piece came from, please let me know! Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed the peek at my “gallery wall” built-ins.

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