Craft It – 4th of July Individual Piñatas

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With the 4th of July fast approaching this weekend, I thought these little individual piñatas would be fun for the kids to enjoy during the festivities. They would look super cute strung up as decorations or as centerpieces on the picnic table during your celebration.

The best part is that they are pretty easy to make and the kids love them! To make your own you will need some paper cups, tissue paper, card stock, ribbon, a glue stick, any decorative pieces (like the firework pick or flag pinwheel), and of course the piñata stuffing (candy, toys, confetti, etc.).

First you will need to trace your cup size on the card stock and the tissue paper. You will want the tissue paper to be cut slightly bigger than the top edge of the cup and the card stock should be slightly smaller so that it can fit inside the cup.
Once your pieces are cut, you will need to punch two holes in both the tissue paper and card stock. Using these holes, thread your string or curling ribbon through both pieces like so.
Now put these aside and fill your cup with your surprises.  I went with red, white, and blue candies.

 Now it is time to assemble your piñata. Run your glue stick around the top edge of the cup and stick your tissue paper to the glue making sure that the card stock is inside the cup and the tissue paper is facing out. Once this is done, you will need to let the glue dry.

Once dry, you can flip the cup over and add your decorations. I used a firework cupcake pick and a flag pinwheel to decorate mine.

I had my daughter open one up to show you how they work, but don’t mind her expressionless face!

 The kids just pull on the string that is hanging from the bottom of the cup (the one that goes through the card stock and tissue paper and is sticking out at the bottom) and their prizes will fly out. It is so much easier for the young kids than trying to break open the real thing. And their goodies are already portion controlled!

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