Craft It – Summery Pineapple Kitchen Towels

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Last week when I was playing around with potato stamping, I had the idea to decorate some of my plain white kitchen towels (they are actually flour sack towels from Target). I figured what better way to bring some summer cheer to my kitchen than with pineapples!

I love how the pineapples look on these gauzy towels. And the process to make them was super simple to boot! You will just need a small potato, some yellow and green craft/fabric paint (I used Martha Stewart acrylic paint in Pollen and Diving Board), and some gauzy flour sack towels or plain white kitchen towels (I picked mine up at Target for $3.99 for 4 towels).

I cut my two shapes out of my potatoes. One side became the pineapple bottom (where I just cut a small crosshatch shape) and the other side was my pineapple tops (this was just free formed, so feel free to do what you think looks best). I also cut a small notch out of each side on the back of the potato so that I could grip the stamp better.

Next came the stamping. I spread out my towel on the work surface, and sporadically stamped the tops around the towel. Then I used the yellow to stamp the pineapple bottoms. Then it was just time to let it dry.
Now I have a super fun summery towel to use in the kitchen for all my messes. I am thinking about doing some more fruits too. How does a banana stamped towel sound?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kara! These look really fun. How do they hold up to washing?

  2. Kara Whitten says:

    If you use the Martha Stewart craft paint, They hold up really well. And they get softer each time you wash them.

  3. I love this! They look so fun. I hope to try it soon, too!



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