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I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love color. This is apparent not only in my designs and home decor, but in my personal fashion as well. I recently purchased a bag full of summer dresses at a local resale shop, most of which had an elastic waist, but no belt. So, I went scouring for some fun colorful belts to add to my dresses. My first stop was Target, and while they had some fun options, I wasn’t about to shell out $16 for some belts, when the dresses themselves were only $8-$10 each. So, I decided to hit up Good will in search of some belts that I could alter myself. And there I was able to score a couple of brown and black braided rope belts for a couple of bucks. While black and brown are fine, I really just wanted some pops of color for my summer dresses, so that is when I busted out the spray paint and got to work.

The first thing I did was tape off the hardware on the belt, then I used some matte spray paint to paint the belt in my new desired color. Once dry, I painted the other side and then it was ready to add to my outfit. So far I have made an emerald one and a seafoam one. I just love the color pop and that I saved money to get the look!

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