Decorate It – Potato Stamped Mini Donut Boxes

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We only have one more day until National Doughnut Day! Today I played around with potatoes and paint to create these adorable little mini doughnut treat boxes.

Decorate your own sweet treat boxes, you will need some acrylic craft paint, and potato, some sharpies or other markers to add the sprinkles, and some small white boxes (I used these white french fry boxes from Michaels).

Cut your potato in half. One side will be the doughnut side and one side will be the icing side. For the doughnut side, simply cut out a whole in the center to make the doughnut take shape. For the icing side, you will need to cut the sides in a bit in a free form shape to resemble icing as well as cut a similarly sized hole to match the doughnut stamp. 

Once your stamps are ready, use your brown craft paint to stamp the doughnut onto the boxes. Make sure not to move the potato too much while stamping. If there are some gaps in the print when you remove the potato, you can just use your finger and paint to fill those spots.

Once the brown paint is dry, add your pink icing to the top using the icing potato stamp. Once the pink icing paint is dry, use your markers to add the little sprinkles.

Now it is time to fill with your little doughnuts and serve at your next party or breakfast.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the culmination of doughnut week and celebration of National Doughnut Day with my Strawberry Cheesecake Doughnut recipe. Then I promise to get back to more home projects and fun interior design stuff!

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