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I was feeling like my guest bedroom needed one more pillow to add to the two summery clearance pillows I picked up at Target this past weekend and thought a fun pineapple pillow was just the ticket.

To make your own fun no sew pineapple pillow you will need:

  • Fabric ( I re-purposed this table cloth from Target for my fabric)
  • An iron on pineapple decal (I used my vinyl cutter (like the Silhouette Cameo) and white vinyl like this to create my design, but you can buy a pre-made decal or hand cut your own if you don’t own and vinyl cutter)
  • Heat and Bond ultra hold seam tape (I picked up mine at Joann Fabrics)
  • An Iron and a scrap piece of fabric
  • A pillow insert of your choice

The pillow insert that I purchased was 18″ by 18″, so I cut my fabric to that same size so that I could create a plump pillow. I used my ruler to mark the fabric in the size that I needed and then cut out two pieces of the fabric in the 18″ by 18″ size.
Once my fabric was cut, I used my vinyl cutter to cut my pineapple design into my canvas. If you don’t have a vinyl cutter, you can look on etsy for some all ready made vinyl decals to use, or you can use a pineapple stencil and some acrylic craft paint like Martha Stewart’s line of paint to create a pineapple print on your fabric. If you are artistic, you can use the iron on vinyl and an X-acto knife to cut your own pineapple design in the vinyl. Here is the pineapple image I used in case you need it.
After my vinyl was cut and the extra vinyl around the pineapple was removed, I placed my vinyl in the center of one side of my fabric.

To iron on the image, I first placed my piece of scrap fabric over the decal and then used the highest setting on my iron. You will need to push hard on the fabric and iron for 30 seconds on each section of the decal.

Once the fabric is cool, try to slowly peel the side of the plastic backing away from the pillow. The vinyl should remain on the fabric. If it doesn’t, you will need to put the plastic back down and iron again. Repeat this process until the vinyl stays on the fabric. Just remember to let the fabric cool before peeling the backing away.

Now that your image is on the pillow, is it time to seal the edges. Iron the Heat and Bond tape around the edges of the fabric (on the outside of the fabric) according to the package directions. You will not need to have the iron on the tape for more than a couple seconds.

Once the tape is ironed on and cooled, gently peel the paper backing away and place the other piece of your fabric on the pineapple piece. Making sure the outside of fabrics are facing each other. Now your will need to iron the edges of the fabric together to seal them. Make sure to leave one side of the case open so that you can insert the pillow.

Once your sides are sealed and the fabric has cooled, you can turn your case inside out and insert the pillow. Then pin the last side seam together and gently iron it to seal the pillow closed. While the Heat and Bond is hot, it will not hold the seam closed (that is why you need the pins), so be sure to wait until it is cooled to remove the pins from your pillow.

And that is it. You now have a fun summer pillow to add to your bed or couch.

If you have a sewing machine, you could easily sew the pillow instead, but even if you don’t you can still make fun custom pillows for your home! This project was so fun and quick, that I think some fun holiday themed pillows might be in my future.

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