Craft It – A Brass Himmeli Succulent Necklace

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Have you ever seen Himmeli wall art? I made some fun pieces for my living room and hope to have a craft night with some of my friends to make some other fun Himmeli pieces. This little necklace is a take on the larger Himmeli air plant hangers that are all over Pinterest. I definitely think these necklaces will be a fun addition to the crafty goings on at the next girls night.
To make your own necklace you will need the following supplies:

  • Brass tubing appx. 1/8″ in diameter and 12″ long ( I picked mine up from Hobby Lobby in the hobby section)
  • Thin gold wire (also from Hobby Lobby)
  • gold jump rings and chain to make the necklace your desired length
  • piece of faux succulent or a small air plant
  • wire cutters
  • pliers
  • marker
First you will need to measure and cut your tubing. You will need 6 – 1″ pieces and 3 – 2″ pieces. I used a ruler and the marker to mark the cut lines and then used the wire strippers/cutters to gently cut the tubing taking care not to smash it. You want to be able to still see the round opening through the tube. If you press to hard to cut the tubes, then you will seal the ends shut and not be able to thread them on your wire.

Once your tubes are cut, you will thread three small 1″ pieces onto the gold wire like so.

You will then fold the wire sticking out of the end of the last tube through the beginning of the first tube to create a triangle.

Now you will add two more small tubes to the open end of the wire and thread it through one of the neighboring holes to create another triangle.

At this point you should have two triangles attached to each other with both wire ends sticking out of the same end. 

On goes the last small tube and the wire gets threaded back through the opposite side to create your 3D triangle base.

Next two of the long pieces get put on the wire and it then gets threaded through one adjacent side to create a longer triangle.

At this point you should have both wires stick out of the same end again. You will thread the last large tube onto the wires and wrap them around the point of the large triangle and tuck them into one of the end tubes to create your large 3D triangle piece.

Now all that is left is to add your jump ring and jewelry chain to the charm and then place your faux succulent or mini air plant into the open space in the center of your brass himmeli prism. Now you have a fun brass planter that you can wear around your neck! If you want you can also insert a crystal or raw gemstone into the center of the prism before closing up the large triangle piece to create a fun boho necklace. One you get comfortable with the tubes and threading them on, the geometric shapes are endless. Just have fun and play around with it!

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  1. Its a amazing succulent and you did wonderful job. I would also like to try this..



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