Craft It – A Felt Popsicle Headband

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Did you all know that it is popsicle week?! I had no idea there was even such a thing, but maybe that explains the popsicle making kick I have been on lately. I even have a few new creations that I hope to share with you soon. But today in honor of the magic that is popsicles during the summer, I crafted some fun popsicle headbands. Sure these are great for the kids, but why not throw one on a celebrate summer too?!

To make your very own summery popsicle headbands, you will need
several colors of felt squares (I picked mine up at the craft store for $0.29 each), fabric glue, and some 1/4″ elastic.

Start by cutting your popsicle shapes out of the felt. The size is up to you, but you don’t want it to look too out of place on your (or your kids) head.

Now cut the pieces of felt down into the shapes you want and glue them together. I went for a watermelon pop look and cut the white into a wavy pattern and the green into a narrow peel. For the pink, I just went full on glitz and used sparkle felt and cut random triangles out of the white and fuchsia felt. Oh, and don’t forget those felt sticks!

Once the fronts are glue together, flip them over and glue your felt popsicle stick to the back. Once the popsicle stick is on, you will cut a piece of elastic that is about 1″ shorter than your head circumference and glue the two end pieces onto the back of the felt popsicle.

One last solid piece of felt cut to your popsicle size gets glued on the back over the elastic to secure everything and give a nice clean look to the back.

Once your popsicle headbands are assembled, feel free to use some sharpies to decorate the fronts with seeds, fruit, or even a heart if you wish.

Now that your headbands are complete, sport them out and about and enjoy the summer vibes without the fear of them melting!

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