Make It – A Coffee and Espresso Bean Popsicle

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As promised yesterday, I’m sharing one of my new favorite popsicle recipes. Now granted, this isn’t really a recipe per say. It’s just a simple idea that yields some amazing popsicles and are okay to eat for breakfast. And who would say no to popsicle breakfast?!

To make your own super simple coffee pops, you will need some Starbucks iced vanilla latte, or similar combo of strong coffee, milk, and sugar and some chocolate covered espresso beans. I found
the Starbucks brew yields more of an ice pop than a creamy coffee popsicle, so if you want a creamier version, I would suggest adding a splash of whole milk, cream, or coconut milk to the coffee first. Then, just fill your popsicle mold with about 5-8 chocolated covered espresso beans and fill the rest of the way up with your coffee mixture and freeze.

These simple popsicles are an awesome alternative to iced coffee on a hot summer morning or for a fun afternoon pick-me-up. And, I loooove the flavorful crunch of the espresso beans. I’ve had these for quite a few breakfasts this summer.  Popsicle breakfast!

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