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I mentioned on Instagram earlier today that I recently discovered that I have a collection of side tables. My collection has sort of grown over the last couple of years, so it wasn’t really apparent to me how many I had until my husband pointed it out this past weekend. As I went around taking photos of the different tables, I even discovered other ones that I forgot about when making my initial count. I think my love of fun side tables exists because they are usually fairly inexpensive in comparison to coffee tables, chairs, or other larger decor items, but they come in fun and unique shapes and colors.

Today I am going to run down my list of side tables with a little background about where I got (or how I made) them, so you can start your own collection as well! The first up is my favorite new table. This is the table that sparked the conversation this weekend when I brought it home.

I purchased this fun agate and gold side table at
World Market for $79.99 (originally $99.99). I am still completely infatuated with gold and mineral home decor pieces, so this purple agate table is like decor heaven for me. Even better is that it goes really well next to the day bed in my formal living room. This space once housed another side table that is now homeless, so I am on the lookout for the perfect place to put it in the house. And that table is my “gold nugget”.

 The gold nugget was an impulse buy at Home Goods. I can never seem to go in there and come out empty handed. As soon as I saw this shiny chunk of metal, I knew it had to be mine! I can’t remember the exact price, but I think it was around $59.99. What’s great about it is that it is an indoor/outdoor piece. So, I figure if I can’t find the right place inside for it, I can always use it out on my back porch.

Making my way into the living room, I have this small side table next to my refinished goodwill chair. This table used to be in the master bedroom at our old house, but when we moved I thought it looked good in here. This table is originally from Target. 
The next side table is one that you may have seen before in the home tour of my powder room.  I moved the table out of the powder room to get a shot of it in better light. I purchased this table at Target about a year and a half ago with the specific purpose to be used in the powder room. Since all that was in this space was the pedestal sink and toilet, I felt that I need a small table to hold small bathroom essentials like flushable wipes, extra soap, and tampons. All of which are kept in the blue box and are guarded by the brass crab.

Another relatively new table is this green and white wire one that I bought at Home Goods (again!). I liked the shape and color and thought it would go well in my guest room. I currently just have two white Ikea lack tables on either side of the bed, but plan on replacing one with this fun table.

The last side table that we have down stairs is an $5 thrift store table that I repainted and added decals to. You can see the entire post of how I made it here. This table is currently used under our coat rack to hold shoes. I know. It isn’t a very glamorous life, so I photographed it here with a faux plant and some magazines. It makes it look much better than normal!

The last two tables in my collection both reside in the master bedroom. One is used as my nightstand until I repaint the other Ikea rast dresser that I plan on using (one of them is already done and is on my husbands side of the bed). I got this table a few years ago on super clearance at Target. It was only $7, but had some chipping of the lacquer. To hide the flaws I used my 14K gold paint pen to color over the spots and “accent” the table. Hence the banding on the legs. In this photo it looks really dark, but is true gold in person.

Last but not least is the tall side table that is in the seating area of our bedroom. I think that this table is technically a butler’s table, but I use it to hold some of my design books that I like to peruse from time to time. This table came from World Market (I see a trend, World Market, Home Goods, Target, ahem…). In the photo you can also see my set of gold rimmed pink agate tie backs that I DIY’ed here, and my yarn pom poms on sticks craft project.

And that is it! Not bad right? Right? Well, maybe it is a bit too many. But I really love them all! And it isn’t like they are all in one room. What do you think of my little collection? Do you have a favorite? Feel the need to run out a snap up a new side table?

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