Craft It – Neon Rimmed Champagne Glasses

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A few months ago I posted a tutorial for making your own gold rimmed high ball glasses (you can see it here). I love my DIY gold rimmed glasses so much and they have held up quite well to use. So, the other day as I was sipping out of said glasses, I thought “hey, why did I go with just gold, when there are so many other bright colors to choose from?”. So I whipped out my champagne flutes that I got at Ikea and decided to give them a neon rimmed makeover. The process is the same as the gold rimmed glasses, but the outcome is so much more bright and fun. These will be perfect at my next party!

Basically you will want to rub the edges of the glasses with alcohol to get a super clean surface for proper paint adhesion. Then you will squirt out your Martha Stewart paint onto your work surface and dip the rim of the glass in the paint.

Once your glasses are dipped, you will need to wait a whole 21 days for the paint to cure before you start to use them. This will make sure that the paint doesn’t come off when drinking from the glasses or when washing them. And that is it. Fill with some fruit (or sprinkles) and champagne and enjoy your festive neon rimmed glasses! Cheers! XOXO

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