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Last week I finally picked up a bag of frozen dragon fruit (or Pitaya) to try in some smoothies. It was actually quite good and the kids loved the bright pink color. And so did I if I am being honest! Then, this past weekend, my daughter and I tried our hand and some ice cream making. I am not a big ice cream fan, but the kids love it so I thought it would be a fun summer activity. We ended up making two different kinds. One was a mint chocolate chip ice cream using a traditional custard base and some mint from my garden, and the other was the dragon fruit coconut milk ice cream using the frozen pitaya pieces. It turned out so good! And it was only 3 ingredients, so healthy (ish), quick, and delicious. The trifecta!

To make my pretty hot pink ice cream, I simply blended one can of coconut milk (the regular stuff found in the Asian food aisle, not the lite kind), 1/3 cup of sugar (you could swap this for honey if you wanted), and 1 cup of frozen pitaya chunks (I found mine at my local specialty grocery called Central Market). Once blended smooth, I put the mixture in my ice cream maker and churned away until I had a nice creamy frozen treat. Then I just put the mixture in a plastic food storage container and froze it until firm.

I used an ice cream maker to make my ice cream, but if you don’t have one, you may want to try one of the other ice cream making hacks that are floating around the interwebs. Like two plastic bags one with the ice cream mixture and then that bag in another larger bag filled with ice and salt. Then just have the kids shake it until the mixture starts to freeze.

The kids loved it and it was fun to make a healthier (yes I know it still has sugar, but not much) version of ice cream for them. It was a fun hot pink color with little black “sprinkles” (pitaya seeds) with no added food coloring or dyes. Just natural ingredients. As for the taste it was a light and refreshing mostly coconut-y taste with just a slight hint of the pitaya (which some people describe as a lighter melon taste).

So what are you waiting for? Go try it before summer slips away!

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