Bake It – Super Easy Chocolate Marshmallow Spider Web Cupcakes

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We all know that sweets and Halloween go hand in hand and there are no shortage of fun (albeit complicated) themed desserts out there. Sometimes though, you just want to throw together a fun Halloween treat without a lot of fuss. That is where these easy spider web cupcakes come into play.

Just store bought cake mix, frosting, and marshmallow fluff and you have
your self some fun spider web cupcakes. You will also need a large star cupcake piping tip (1M) and a plastic squeeze bottle (like one of those red ketchup bottles or candy melt bottles).

First you will need to mix and bake your cupcakes according to your boxed mix (or you can make them from scratch if you feel so inclined). Then using the piping tip and icing bag (or heavy duty ziplock bag), pipe the frosting on the cooled cupcakes.

Once your cupcakes are iced, spoon some of the marshmallow fluff into a small squeeze bottle. Microwave the fluff for 10-15 seconds or until the fluff starts to come out the tip. Take your melted fluff and pipe a simple swirl around the frosting starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom.

Because the fluff is melted, it will slowly start to drip down the cupcakes ever so slightly creating a spider web look. Top with a candy spider and you have yourself some mighty awesome and tasty spider web cupcakes! How easy was that?!

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