Craft It – Rorschach Inspired Halloween Pillows

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I don’t know about you but to me there is something a little sinister and creepy about the ink blot images of the Rorschach tests. Oops, maybe that lets you read more into my psyche than you should. Anyhow, something about the black and white ink blot screams to be interpreted for Halloween. And that is just what I did. I made some reversible ink blot pillows reminiscent of some familiar Halloween images.


  • A pillow form
  • White Cotton Canvas cut into squares larger than your pillow form
  • Black Acrylic Paint (I used Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft Paint)
  • A surface to make your ink blots on that you don’t mind getting paint on (like a large piece of cardboard)

I decided to go with shapes of a bat and a skull. Well, and ink blot version of them anyway. First I folded my fabric in half, then squirted the paint out of the bottle on one half of the fabric. I did one in an abstract bat form, and the other in a skullish form. Of course you don’t want it to resemble these shapes exactly (the whole point of ink blots are to leave it up to interpretation), but sort of guide the mind to that conclusion.

Once the paint has been squirted, fold over the fabric and gently pat the fabric sides together to squish the ink out, then gently peel the fabric apart and let dry.

Once the paint was dry (I let it dry overnight), I ironed the creases out of the fabric and sewed it into a pillow using a black and white geometric print on the reverse side of the pillow.

While I love how these turned out, I am not tempted to do some more ink blot art to display in frames as well. The process was super simple and they really lend an eerie vibe to my living room. What do you think? Do you have any fun Halloween crafts planned this year?

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