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When it comes to Halloween inspired breakfasts, you can always pumpkin spicify your pancakes or toast. But I have some ideas on how you can eat a spooky Halloween breakfast beyond the pumpkin.

First is this fun green monster take on the smoothie bowl. Don’t you think your kids would love to eat this? And you won’t mind them gobbling up the healthy fruits, veggies, and seeds/grains/nuts either. 
To make this smoothie bowl, I just used

a banana, pineapple, peach, and spinach smoothie as the base, and then added grapes, kiwi, almond slivers for the teeth, chia seeds, and of course two candy eyeballs to make a monster face any kid (or kid at heart) would love.

Second is a spider web waffle complete with m&m spider. Now sure, the black candy melts and black sanding sugar aren’t the most healthy, but adding these omits the need for syrup which is packed with even more sugar. 

 I made wholewheat pumpkin waffles and added a piped candy melt web across the waffle. Pretty simple, but oh so fun. 

Do you have any go to Halloween breakfasts? 

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