Eat It – A Spooky Halloween Fruit Plate

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My friend Jennifer ( throws an epic Halloween party every year for all our kids, and this year will be her 7th, so you can imagine she has seen her share of Halloween party food ideas. When we were talking a few weeks back, she casually tasked me with coming up with some new Halloween themed food ideas. I have several that I have been working on (and can not wait to share them with you!), but today I hope to inspire her and you all to make some fun Halloween food for not only the kids, but yourself as well.

Sure, there are a ton of recipes and ideas out there for sugary Halloween inspired treats, and those are great, but sometimes it is difficult to think of healthy alternatives. This spooky fruit plate is one of those alternatives that the kids will like and it gets a little healthy stuff in them at the same time!

To make my spooky fruit, I used cantaloupe, honey dew, kiwi, and grapes along with some letter cookie cutters and some of those little candy eyeballs. First I slice the melons into discs and used my cookie cutters to create the letters I needed. Then I
skewered the letters forming my “Halloween” words while using some grapes to fill the O’s.

I then used some candy coating chocolate melts in my squeeze bottle to attach the candy eyes to the grapes and kiwi slices.

In addition to the regular grape eyeball clusters, I found some fun shaped black grapes at the grocery store called moon drops by the Grapery (that same company that brings us the cotton candy grape). These long grapes are the perfect witches fingers, all they need are some nails. So a little more melted chocolate was used to attach the almond slices to the grapes to create a bunch of witch fingers.

It really was pretty simple, and nature did the work creating the perfect Halloween colored fruit. Just adding a few candy eyes and some almonds turned this ordinary fruit plate into the perfect creepy Halloween snack or party tray.

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