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Apparently it has become my mission to inject more color into decor. I am not sure what it is about color (and pattern) that I love so much, but it may stem from my mother and our Jackson Pollock inspired splatter painted living room floor growing up. Whatever it is, I am definitely not one to shy away from color.

Yesterday I showed you all my colorful take on a fall table setting. Then today I got struck my the paint bug (the spray paint bug to be exact) and thought it was the best idea to spray paint my pumpkins. I mean in my opinion almost everything can benefit from a coat of spray paint. Am I right? Can I just tell you that it might just have been my most inspired idea yet. I mean I am not sure how many people go around spray painting their beautiful orange pumpkins, but let me just tell you, they should try it!

Aren’t they just amazing! I mean common! Initially I was going to paint the entire pumpkin, but after spraying my first one on the top, I really liked the two tone effect and decided to keep the bottom orange. It’s like colorblock for pumpkins!

Here are my supplies –

I ended up using the spray paint that I had on hand (I really love Valspar spray paint, but they don’t have a great pink color, so I went with my Montana Gold neon pink) and a gold leaf pen for the stems. The process was as simple as spraying the top portion of the pumpkins and then once the paint was dry, going over the stem with the gold leaf pen.

As you can see, I had both glossy and matte spray paint. I like them both and think that they each give a different feel. The glossy one makes the pumpkins look more fake and plastic like, while the matte paint give a more authentic look to the pumpkins. Almost as if they really grew that way.

Now don’t you think it is about time you whipped out your cans of spray paint and got to work? I swear your mantel will thank you for the dose of color! I know mine sure likes it!

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