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In my opinion, there is no kids craft item as versatile as the pipe cleaner.  I love to buy large packs of them, and then we all sit down and create fun headbands, necklaces, and other crafts with them. For fathers day one year we even made monster tiara’s with foam eyeballs for everyone to wear!

My kids love playing with them so much, that I thought it would be fun to share some of our Halloween inspired creations with you. So grab a big pack of pipe cleaners, some black pom pom balls, and some googly eyes, and get to work crafting with the kids.

The first up on our creative adventure was this fun pumpkin headband, and of course little brother had to have his photo taken with it too!

To make your own, you will need 2 black, 2 orange, and 1 green pipe cleaner along with a black marker.

Use your black pipe cleaners to make the headband by twisting the ends together and making sure it fits around your child’s head.

Once you have your base, begin to make the pumpkins. Roll the orange pipe cleaner in on itself to create a circle, then add a 2″ piece of the green pipe cleaner for the pumpkin stem. Repeat this to make two pumpkins.

Using your marker, draw on the eyes and mouth of the pumpkins and then attach to the black headband using either the rest of the green pipe cleaner or another orange or black pipe cleaner as you wish.

Now get your kids to model their new Halloween pumpkin headband like goofs and you are done!

Another fun headband idea is to use twisted black and white pipe cleaners for the base and attach a pipe cleaner and pom pom spider that I show you how to make below.

For the spider portion of the headband you will need 4 black pipe cleaners, a black pom pom and some googly eyes. Just follow the pictures to either create a fun spider ring, or you can attach it to the pipe cleaner headband base like I did above.

For the last bit of pipe cleaner Halloween fun, we made rings! Just twist up some black and orange pipe cleaners for cute Halloween themed rings perfect for those young and old!

Now tell me you would have fun making these!

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