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If you are at all interested in Halloween decor, I am sure you know all about the fun of adding googly eyes to everything. It is the perfect easy go to trick to turn anything into a monster or make it seem to come alive which is just perfect for Halloween! Like how I added candy googly eyes to fruit to create a spooky, kid friendly fruit plate or how I added googly eyes above the mirror on my mantel to turn it into a monster face. You may have also seen how others have used those giant googly eyes on doors or in the trees to transform them into ogling creatures. Today however, I want to show you how to apply them to light fixtures!

To make my googly eyes fit the fixtures, I used
hot glue to attach 1/4″ thick white elastic to the backs of the eyes to create a stretchy band that would easily fit over the globe.

Once the glue was set, I stretched the elastic around the globe lights to create spooky hanging eyeball lights. How fun are these?! Not too gory or scary, but just the perfect amount of spooky for a kid friendly Halloween.

Now I happen to have the perfect set up here in my kitchen with these round glass orb
lights, but trust me that these large googly eyes would look spooky on
just about any light fixture. After seeing how good these turned out, I got another pair and modified the tutorial with the elastic a bit to create some eyes for my dining room chandelier. How spooky!
Okay, maybe I should stop with the googly eyes now, but they are just so fun! Do you all have any other ideas for places to stick a pair of googly eyes? An obsessed girl over here is all ears (or eyes!).

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