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If you have small kids and like Pinterest, there is no doubt that you have come across the felt Christmas tree and ornament craft that has been floating around for years. Before my son was born and my daughter was just a toddler, I created a felt Christmas tree for her to play with. She loved it! The next year I added another tree to create a Christmas tree forest and she was then old enough to help me paint a few pre-cut felt ornaments for the new tree. This year my son is finally old enough to enjoy decorating the trees and not just pull everything off of them and my daughter (now 6) still has fun arranging the ornaments on the trees. I figured it was time to expand the forest and add a snowman for them to decorate. My son is in love with Olaf and the snowman is perfect for him.

To make my snowman, I used about 1/2 a yard of white felt  and cut out the three ball snowman shape. Then I used different colored pieces of felt to create the standard coal eyes, stick arms, buttons, and carrot nose. I also used felt to create several fun snow man disguises so that the kids can dress him up however they want.

 A tie, mustache, mittens, and glasses can turn him into a spy, business man, or super hero in disguise. Use your imagination to create fun photo booth type props for your snowman. How about a nice pair of shades or a bow? The more pieces the better in my opinion. If your kids are older, they can help cut out felt shapes, or if you have younger kiddos, just ask them what they would like for their snowman. It is a fun Chirstmas craft to do all together and the kids will enjoy dressing him up over and over throughout the holiday season.

Do you already have a felt tree for the kids? Don’t feel limited by just the tree or snowman. How about a felt Santa or elf? Sure, they be a little more intricate, but once you have them made, the kids will be able to enjoy them for several years. My daughter even asked if we could make a few more ornaments this year. Since she is older now, she wants to create her own. The fun just never stops!


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