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Last week when I brought out my plain black cloth napkins to display my tassel napkin ring project, I realized how boring they where. Yes, black is a neutral of sorts and can go with everything, but they were just so blah. You know I love pattern and color and texture, and the plain black napkins just weren’t doing it for me. I looked online for better options, but came up with nada. So I decided to whip out the acrylic craft paint (that can also be used on fabric FYI) and got to work adding a little somethin’, somethin’ to my boring black napkins.

Surprisingly the project took very little time and only a bottle of Martha Stewart gold craft paint
and a small angled paint brush. Both of which I already had on hand but would set you back only about $8 if you need to buy them. I love the little bit of glitz the gold edges bring to the napkins and it definitely sets them apart from boring black.

To make your own, you will need
the supplies mentioned above along with a few plain napkins. I purchased these black napkins at Target a few years ago, but any plain napkins will work.

First you will want to squirt a thick line of paint along one edge of the napkin. I squirted this thin line and then had to go back and add more, so learn from me and go thick to start. Then use your paint brush to paint the bottom seam area of the napkin fully. After that you will take the paint brush and hold it at an angle horizontally so that the length of bristles is against the napkin and line of paint. Basically the opposite of how you are supposed to use the paint brush. Then brush away from the painted edge dragging the paint with you for appx. 2-3 inches. This will help create the brush stroke effect.
 Once you have completed the entire bottom portion of the napkin, set aside and let dry fully. 

I really like the asymmetrical nature of the brush strokes and the fading that occurred towards the top as the paint ran out. You can see on the left where I messed up a bit and the paint wasn’t so nice a brush stroke-y, but that is whats nice about being able to fold napkins. You can cover up any little mistakes like that!

Once dry, feel free wash, iron (on the back side), and lint roll them before folding and displaying your little DIY project at your next dinner (say Thanksgiving perhaps?). I finished off these napkins with a simple spring of rosemary wrapped in a circle. It is simple and modern looking and pairs well a Thanksgiving meal.

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