Halloween Party Recap – The Decorations

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As a final adieu to Halloween 2015, here are the decorations from our Halloween birthday party this past weekend. I promise after this there will be no more Halloween here on the blog until next year. I swear!

I have already shared much of my Halloween decor as I went along, but there were a few last minute party decorations that went up the day of. Because of the torrential downpour we received on Friday, I had to wait until party day to throw up the outdoor decor. The outdoor decor consisted of paper lanterns, tissue paper pom poms, plastic Jack o’ Lanterns, and all the party games. Due to prepping the food the day before, I was actually able to get all the outdoor decor up quickly before guests arrived.

One of my favorite decorations (aside from the paper fan art wall and the pumpkin filled fireplace) was the pinata hanging from our ceiling fan. I needed a place to hang it after I made it so that the tissue paper fringe didn’t get wrinkled, but I couldn’t put it outside due to the rain. I ended up hanging it from the fan pull chain and it looked so cute hanging there that I decided to leave it up for the party until it was pinata hitting time (then it was moved outdoors!).

For the tissue paper pompoms and honeycomb balls I had every intention of hanging them around the patio ceiling, but the coating was too tough for thumb tacks or staples, so I just went ahead and used tape and pipe cleaners to hang them up all around the outdoor fan. 

In addition to the Halloween bean bag toss and a ping pong eyeball bucket toss game, I created this glow stick witch hat game for the kids (and adults) to play. I just spray painted a few cardboard witch hats from Michael’s with black paint and then used thin glow sticks to create the rings to toss on the hats. Pretty simple, yet fun and on theme. 

Inside confetti filled balloons adorned the stairs and paper fans, googly eyes, and vinyl decals surrounded the kitchen island.

At the dining table I set up the origami station with origami paper and instructions on how to make a simple witch hat, pumpkin, bat, and cat. I also had a Halloween necklace station set up here where kids could use the cut up pieces of Halloween themed paper straws and Halloween colored beads to create a necklace.

And last but not least a few pics of the kids enjoying the party in their costumes. Kitty cat ballerina (the birthday girl), skeleton, and Chase from paw patrol had a great time!

Good bye Halloween! Until next year! Now it is time to start working on Christmas!

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