Christmas Home Tour Part 2 – The Living Room and Kitchen

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Yesterday I shared my “formal” living room built-ins in all their colorful Christmas glory and last week I shared my dining room with it’s mixed metals ombrè tree. Today I am going to share the rest of my downstairs (namely the kitchen and family room) in its traditional Christmas color palate.

I have always been a big on decorations when it comes to Christmas and after 10+ years of decorating, I have accumulated quite a few decorations. About 8-10 boxes worth! One year we had a blue, green, and purple tree, and another it was red and gold. But the last few years my main tree (yes I have more than one!) has been decked out in traditional red and green with a touch of gold.

When we moved into this house last year I knew that I wanted to get a large tree for our two story living room. I love large scale Christmas decor and a large tree just needed to happen. Luckily,  I found this 10′ tree from Target on sale early in the season and snapped it up. It is pre-lit which makes the task of decorating it so much easier! I have several garlands, but decided to do without this year and just stick to ornaments both large and small. With a tree this large standard size ornaments just don’t cut it. You need a few large scale ornaments in the mix to balance with the large tree.

As you can see from this shot, the large ornaments really stand out and are what your eyes are drawn to on the tree. Some of the regular sized ornaments that I have on this tree and barely even distinguishable.

As for the tree topper, this year I picked up a large gold paper star from Target. Last year we had a small angel on top and it was just too small. This large star is the perfect topper for this big tree.

Around my fireplace I have two large floor pillows that I also purchased from Target on clearance last year after the holidays. I added a few ornaments to the fireplace screen to decorate it a bit and love the way it brightens up that spot. As for the stockings, my mother-in-law made the two middle ones from felt stocking kits for this kids, and the hubs and I are stuck with plain store bought ones from 5 or 6 years ago!

On top of the mantel is a random collection of red and green decor that I pulled from my boxes. I would definitely say that this mantel has no real theme other than color. Above the mantel I hung a white flocked wreath over my mirror and placed a garland of baubles in red and green on top. Then I have my large paper fan decorations I made with wrapping paper.

On the couch I have several Christmas themed pillows that I have purchased from Target over the years and on the coffee table I put a red and white snowflake table runner with my bowl of mud cloth inspired ornaments.

On the other side of the room from the tree and fireplace are my stairs which I decked out with a green garland decorated with faux poinsettia sprigs, and red, white, and gold ornaments. There is also a line of fairy lights in there that can be turned on when guests are over for a little extra shimmer. Although my living room is decorated in traditional Christmas colors, I love the way my blue ombrè stairs look against the red and gold garland.

Remember when I said that I liked large scale decorations? Yeah, these large ornaments are some of the things that I have collected over the years for my decor. Last year I had these (plus a few more) hanging from our 18′ ceiling over the mantel. This year since I covered that area with paper fans, I decided to hang these over the kitchen island around my glass pendant lights. It is really pretty to look out into the living room from the kitchen and see these, the large tree, and fireplace all in one view.

See what I mean?

Other than these ornaments, the only other part of my kitchen that is decorated is the kitchen table which I have already shown you. I used wrapping paper for the table cloth, filled the bowl with large ornaments, and filled the boxes in my art piece with Christmas bows.

Luckily my kitchen in fairly neutral with pops of emerald green, so I don’t really have to do much to turn it into a Christmas kitchen!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look around my house and seeing all the Christmas decor. The only other part of my house that I haven’t talked about is the upstairs landing where I have the kids felt Christmas trees and snowman and a tree that they all got to decorate filled with the handmade ornaments, yearly ornaments that they pick out (we get a new ornament each year), and whatever else they decide they want on it. It is their own special tree because mommy is such a stickler for a pretty tree downstairs!

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