Make It – New Years Eve Fireworks Disco Ball Pops

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Today is the day when it pays to have a sister that is a pastry chef. I tasked her with coming up with a fun New Years Eve treat and boy did she deliver! These glittery little treats that both kids and adults will love are perfect to bite into during your New Years Eve festivities. They also happen to go great with yesterdays Ball Drop Swizzle Sticks!

These silver disco ball pops are made with coating chocolate, filled with pop rocks and sprinkles, and then coated in silver sugars. One bite into them reveals the pop rocks center that gives you a little explosion of fireworks in your mouth! How fun! And surprisingly they are fairly simple and don’t require any baking skills.

The Supplies:

  • A ball shaped candy mold (I used a golf ball mold)
  • White coating chocolate (or any flavor or color you want)
  • Pop Rocks and Sprinkles
  • Silver Sprinkles/coarse sugar
  • lollipop sticks
  • Thin royal icing (mix powdered sugar with egg whites until you get a thin consistency)

Begin by melting your coating chocolate in the microwave until just melted. Then use a spoon to coat the inside of the ball mold. You will want just a shell so that you can fill it with the pop rocks, but make sure that it is thick enough that it won’t break when you pop it out of the mold. I went for about a 1/8″ thick shell. Once your mold is filled, pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes to let the coating chocolate harden. Then pop out your ball shapes.

Now you will need to create the hole in half of the ball shapes for the stick. To do this, heat up the end of a metal skewer (I used a kebab skewer) and gently press it into the chocolate. This will melt the chocolate enough to create a hole. Insert your stick and use a little more coating chocolate on the inside of the ball to hold the stick in place.

Once the chocolate around the stick is hardened, fill the bottom ball with the pop rocks and dip the top ball in a little melted coating chocolate and press onto the bottom ball half to create your full ball. Let dry. Obviously the picture below is before I adhered the two halves with chocolate.

For the last step you will dip the chocolate ball pop in the royal icing just enough to coat the ball, then roll the pop in the silver sprinkles and let dry.

That is it! You know have a fireworks disco ball pop to share with your friends on New Years Eve. And whether or not you tell them about the “firework” surprise hiding in the middle is up to you!

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