Craft It – Disco Ball Drop Swizzle Sticks for New Years Eve

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Now that Christmas is over, it is time to craft a little fun for New Years Eve. To me New Years Eve is all about celebration, the notorious Times Square ball drop, and a fancy cocktail or glass of champagne. And what glass doesn’t look better than with a fancy sizzle stick adorning it? Using a few mini ornaments I pilfered from my Christmas stash as I packed up the decor and a few colorful straws, I was able to whip up a few glam disco ball drop swizzle sticks to help ring in the new year.

The Supplies:

  • 1″ in Diameter or smaller shatter proof ornaments
  • colorful plastic drinking straws cut down to 5″
  • Glitter Washi Tape 
  • Glue Gun

Begin by pulling off the ornaments cap. Then you will hot glue the ornament to one end of the straw. After the glue is dry, use a bit more glue to affix the washi tape around the base of the ornament where it is glued to the straw.

And that is it! Seriously easy and oh so fun!

Feel free to use different colors or types of ornaments for different looks. And if you don’t have any of these mini ornaments on hand, I am sure you can find some on clearance at Target right now. Now who wouldn’t want to stir their fancy, shmancy New Years Eve cocktail with these?!

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