Craft It – Floral Heart Wall Art

Valentine’s day and its link to flowers and hearts is no secret. This
year I combined the two to create a beautiful floral heart wall art
piece. It looks great hung on the wall with a Valentine’s banner or even
propped up on the mantel. Wherever you put it, it will add a pretty pop
of floral color.

DIY Floral Heart Wall Art for Valentine's Day
DIY Floral Heart Wall Art for Valentine's Day
Just look at all those colors and floral gorgeousness! Can you believe that this is made with just crepe paper, cardboard, and faux flowers? Follow along below for the full tutorial.

The Supplies:
  • Large piece of cardboard or cardboard box broken down
  • Packing tape and scissors
  • One roll of crepe paper fringe cut (or buy a box of pre-cut streamers at the craft store)
  • Glue stick and hot glue
  • Faux flowers of your choice
  • Gold wrapping paper or large piece of colorful paper (optional)

To begin you will want to draw and cut a large heart shape out of your card board. Then you will need to cut several 1.5″ strips of cardboard.

Once you have your cardboard pieces, begin to tape the strips of cardboard around the heart shape to create a box of sorts.

DIY Floral Heart Wall Art for Valentine's Day

When you have completed taping the cardboard strips around the heart, you can use your glue stick to glue your fringed crepe paper around the outside and inside edge of the heart. I also cut a piece of gold wrapping paper and glued it inside the heart just in case any of the background showed through once the flowers were in place. This step is optional though.

Now that you have your fringed heart shape, pull off all the blooms from your fake flowers and begin to hot glue them into the heart. Use several different colors and types of flowers to create an arrangement that pleases you. Once you have filled the heart with the flowers, you are done!

DIY Floral Heart Wall Art for Valentine's Day

Now you can simply prop the heart up on your mantel or use removable wall hanging strips to mount your heart art wherever you like.

DIY Floral Heart Wall Art for Valentine's Day

DIY Floral Heart Wall Art for Valentine's Day

I added a few Valentine’s Day banners to complete the look. While my floral heart art is only about 15″ wide, I think it would be really amazing to make a large scale (like 4-5 feet wide) heart for a party or event. How cool would that be as a photo booth backdrop? Anyone want to donate a ton of fake flowers to make that happen? Just kidding. Kind of.

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