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Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and I have been busy decorating my house with pinks and purples. While Christmas is my favorite holiday, Valentine’s day comes in a close 2nd. I think that is because I get to actually use shades of pink in my decor. And, all the flowers and hearts really make me happy. Speaking of flowers, not much has changed in the way we display flowers over the years has it? Sure, we arrange them differently, but what about decorating the flowers? I recently got a pack of gold leaf sheets and I have been gilding anything and everything. One of the results of this onslaught of gold? Gilded flowers baby!

Gilded Flowers with Gold Leaf Petals

Yeah, that’s right. I gold leafed my flowers and if you can believe it, they are even prettier with the little flecks of gold on the petals.

Gilded Flowers with Gold Leaf Petals

The process is really straight forward. Using a gold leaf kit (affiliate link), simply paint the tips of the petals with the gold leaf adhesive/glue and then press your sheets of gold leaf on the petals where the adhesive is. Large strips of gold leaf may come off of the sheet, but simply let the adhesive dry and then pull the excess gold leaf off to be left with just the right amount of gold edged petal.

Gilded Flowers with Gold Leaf Petals

Gilded Flowers with Gold Leaf Petals

I am so in love with the way they turned out and will definitely be adding a touch of gold to all my flowers from now on. It just adds that extra bit of glam to an already beautiful bunch. Don’t you think?

Gilded Flowers with Gold Leaf Petals

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