Craft It – Color Blocked Easter Egg Place Cards

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I am so excited to share today’s craft with you all! You know how sometimes you buy craft supplies with no real vision and then as you work with them they just sort of develop into awesome things? I am not saying this is a very common occurrence for me, but man do I love when it happens. Nothing like a craft win to make your day! These color blocked Easter egg place cards were just that.

When I saw the plain wood eggs at the store, I thought, “those are fun! I bet I could do something with them.”, and so I got them. It wasn’t until I started getting into my Easter crafting that I finally figured out what to make and they just sort of evolved into these awesome place cards.

Follow along below for the full tutorial:

The Supplies:

  • Wood Easter Eggs
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (I used Martha Stewart craft paint in diving board, poodle skirt, pumpkin, pink dahlia, wild salmon, and granny smith which you can buy separately at any craft store or use the colors that work with your table setting)
  • Painter’s tape and paint brush
  • Gold glitter letter stickers or vinyl cut-outs

Begin by taping off the wood eggs with the painter’s tape in random patterns and directions. Then paint each one a different color (or the same color, depending on your preference) and lay out on a drying rack (or Ikea ice cube tray, you know what ever you have handy!) until dry. Some of the lighter colors might need a second coat.

Once dry, remove your painters tape and marvel at how pretty they turned out. And maybe take one hundred photos of the eggs because you just love them so much. Or maybe that was just me. Ha! But seriously. How pretty are these?!!! I am very temped to just make several dozen and use them to fill a basket or vase as Easter decor. I think the best part are the colors I used and how they work together to create the most pretty spring color palate ever. And those wood tones. Sigh.

Okay, okay, enough of that. Now that you have your eggs painted, it is time to add your gold glitter stickers. This is pretty straight forward. Just use the letter of the first name of the dinner guest on the egg and that egg will go on their plate. Since I was just making these for fun, I spelled out EASTER which is another option if you don’t need place cards. Because these would make a pretty centerpiece too!

To help the eggs stay put and not roll around the plate, I used a small piece of white polymer clay to create a little sticky cradle for the eggs to sit in. Just a tiny pea sized amount will work perfectly. Or if you have egg cups, these would look adorable in those on every persons plate.

By the way those polka dot plates are another DIY and they just look adorable with this colorful (and GOLD) place setting. And in case you are drooling over the flatware like me, they are from West Elm.

Now that you have an idea for place cards, you really need to check back in tomorrow and next week as I show you how to create even more colorful home decor and table setting pieces for your spring or Easter party.

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you click through and purchase the supplies, I will get a small commission on the sale, but the prices are the same for you either way. It is just one way I can make a few extra bucks to help pay for even more crafty projects for you!

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  1. Crystal Atkins

    March 3rd, 2016 at 1:32 am

    So so cute!


    March 3rd, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Thank you so much!

  3. Megan Duesterhaus

    March 3rd, 2016 at 3:59 am

    Those are SO cute…and on those polka dot plates!!!!!


    March 3rd, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Thank you Megan! I am obsessed with my plates and the colors of the eggs!



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