DIY It – Tassel Basket Planter

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Special thanks to Joann Fabric and Craft Stores for sponsoring this
post. All opinions, craft ideas, and styling is from my own head. Thanks
for supporting the business that keep A Kailo Chic Life pumping out the
DIY ideas. 
You may have already guessed that I am currently
loving the tassel trend, so when I was looking for a basket to use for my newest fiddle leaf fig tree, I knew that I wanted to try to DIY my own with a few tassel accents.
The tassels are so easy to make, you can finish this whole
tutorial in about an hour!  
(Or maybe a bit longer if you want to take snack
breaks/cupcake breaks/margarita breaks)
The Supplies:
First up: making the tassels!  Using embroidery floss makes the whole process
pretty simple. Remove the paper from the floss, then cut off a 6″ long
piece from one end and tie this around the center of the looped embroidery

Use your scissors to cut through the loops on each end of
the embroidery floss. 
The final step is to wrap the top about 1/4″ below the
tie. I wanted a gold accent, so I used jump rings to wrap around the tassel.
Make sure you pinch and secure the jump rings around the tassel so they won’t
slip off.
Now just repeat, repeat, repeat….
Once you have all your tassels done, thread the tie piece
through the basket and secure by gluing the tie to the basket on the inside.
Work your way around the basket gluing the tassels on about
1/2″ apart. Then place your water collecting dish and planter inside. It’s
a hot, fresh planter!

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