DIY It – Colorful Angled Dessert Bowls

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I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I spent the night with my family watching the neighborhood parade, swimming, and watching the large firework show. But after two weeks away on our big family road trip and then the holiday weekend. I can actually say that I am ready to get back to work! There is nothing like a break and cross country trip to inspire you. For my first project back, I was inspired by the perfect summer treat. Ice cream! These super simple colorful rimmed dessert bowls started off as votive candle holders, but with a bit of paint and a little imagination turned into the cutest little angled bowls perfect for your next scoop of ice cream.

Whether you fill them will ice cream or macarons is up to you, but the colorful edge is the perfect easy DIY that you can complete in under an hour. Follow along below for the full tutorial.

The Supplies:
  • Angled glass bowls (these were glass votive holders from Crate and Barrel)
  • Non-toxic multi surface craft paint
  • Parchment paper
Begin by simply tracing the open edge of the bowl on your piece of parchment, then squirt your craft paint around that circle, turn your glass dish upside down and dip in the paint circle to cover just the edges of your bowl. Turn right side up and let dry for 21 days to cure at room temperature, or bake in a 300°F oven for 20 minutes to cure the paint. 
Once the paint has cured and the glass has cooled, fill your colorful dishes with any treats you like!

Pretty simple, yet so summery and fun! I am also smitten by the angled edge. Sure it means you can’t fill your dish with more than a scoop of ice cream, but I just like to think of it as built in portion control!

So, how has your summer been so far? Any vacations or parties in your past/future? I have already been working on a fun summer party since I got back and can’t wait to share all the colorful details with you soon!

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