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With two kids, a business to run, and a blog to craft for, I don’t get much time to go out and explore the city as much as I would like. But sometimes the stars align and I find myself with a camera and in an awesomely designed space and I am able to snap a few pictures to share with you. I figured when this happens, it is my job to share the awesome space/business/decor with you so that you can obsess over it as much as me. So, you’re welcome!

Today will be the first in what I hope will be at least a monthly series of places to visit around town here in Austin, or if I am lucky enough to travel, in various places across the US. So, if you happen to find yourself in Austin and in need of some sugary treats and a pretty place to eat them, then you need to check out Bribery Bakery in the Mueller development. It also helps that it is located right next door to The Thinkery (Austin’s children’s museum). So go play with the kids and then come have a treat as a reward for braving the chaos that is a children’s museum. Oh, and did I mention that this bakery turns into a bar at night? Yup. It’s just that awesome. So, lets take a look around.

First of all I have to say that I love every single thing about this space. Whoever they got to design this bakery/bar knows the way to my design loving heart. Just look at the wall of windows with vinyl decal designs! This is on two sides of the bakery. Just walls of 15′ high windows with fun white accents and HOT PINK doors. Seriously.

When you step inside you are greeted by tables with shakers of sprinkles, gold trimmed vases of fresh flowers, and this pattern on pattern on pattern amazingness. And yes, that is a marble bar top with gold edging!

Once you have picked your jaw up off the floor and have stopped drooling, you step up to the counter to see the most awesome selection of treats. The oatmeal cream pie with cookie butter filling is amazing btw.

Really the attention to detail in this space is spot on. I mean even their coffee cups match their decor!

That brings us to the end of the tour. I hope I am not the only one who loves this space! What is your favorite part? I can’t choose a favorite, but the bar/counter and stools, bench seating, and that cute coffee cup are all up there.

Oh, and I have to ask if you all liked this post, as it is something new that I haven’t done before. But can you blame me for wanting to share this space with you?!

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  1. ninafaith

    December 18th, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    So cute! Looks like you could have designed it! How fun 🙂



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