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My kids and I are in Houston for a few days on one of our last summer adventures and we finally made it to the Sugar and Cloth color wall to take a few pictures. It was more fun than I thought it would be and the kids had just as much fun as me posing in front of all the colors. The bonus? That all the photos turned out so colorful and pretty! If you are in Houston you really must stop by and snap and few pics. Just take a look at the fun we had!

How has your summer been? I have enjoyed every minute of it, but am definitely ready for school to start so that I have more time to be quite, create, and get work done. But it has definitely been an action packed, colorful summer for us and I am so glad we have a few photographic memories of the fun. I will leave you with a little stop motion of my cheerleader and gymnastic showing off her cartwheel skills (along with a photo bomb from her brother) and tell you that you must stop by for a few photos if you are ever in Houston.

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