DIY It – Gold Splatter Painted Throw Pillows

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I’m back at that splatter paint game. Don’t hate me. It’s just such a quick DIY to upgrade all the things! Especially when it is gold splatter paint! Today I will share how to create your own gold splatter paint pillows to really up your sofa’s sparkle factor.

The Supplies:

  • Throw pillows in a solid color – You can find these blue and pink ones in my Etsy shop here and here (The backs are solid and the fronts have the color block look)
  • Gold Multi Surface Acrylic Paint (any brand will work)
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper plate and a dab of water

Begin by squirting your paint onto the plate and adding a few drops of water to thin out the paint just a bit. Mix the paint and then use your paint brush and tap it against your finger over the pillow case (this is messy, so I would recommend doing it outside) to create the splatter effect. The harder you tap, the larger the splatters. Dip your brush in the paint again and repeat until you have a fully splattered pillow case. Let dry for a few hours and then you can add your insert and display your newly splattered pillows anywhere you like.

This project could not be any simpler! And I love how the gold splatters on the blue pillow case look almost like stars and constellations. Of course you don’t need a new pillow for this project either. You can use any old solid patterned pillow you have laying around for an instant upgrade!
Yay for easy and stylish crafts!

P.S. You can find those gorgeous gradient prints in my etsy shop too!

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  1. Maritza | Maritza Lisa

    March 3rd, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    I love how quick and easy it is to update a cushion!



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