Craft It – Felt Ball Drink Stirrers

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Hey guys! It’s been a little quite on the blog front for the last week because I was out in Salt Lake City for the Snap blog conference and well, I have been busy getting caught up with work after being gone for 4 days. It’s like a never ending work avalanche over here and 4 days off means working double time to get caught back up. But, I am back and have a super simple but totally cute craft to share with you today.
I have been in love with felt balls for every, but aside from a felt ball garland, I never knew what to make with them, so I never bought them. But I finally came up with a few cute ideas and went ahead and bought a bunch of cute colors to craft with. These felt ball cocktail stirrers are the first up on my felt ball crafting list and as I mentioned, they are super simple to put together, but they look oh so cute sticking out of your cocktail!
See how cute?!

The Supplies:

So, all you need to do is glue the felt balls to the wood swizzle sticks. Yep, it’s that easy. I seriously feel silly even writing a blog post about these because it is literally gluing things together. But they are just too cute not to share. And maybe the idea never came to you before, like it never came to me. After you have glued on the felt balls, you have the cutest set of felt ball cocktail stirrers ever!

So, now I guess the only question is what cocktail are you going to use your stirrers with?!
Oh, and if you don’t want to buy all the supplies and make them, you can just buy a set made by me in my Etsy shop here.

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  1. Love them! I have a few felt poms that I could use to make these 🙂 Pinned!



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