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Have you all ever heard of alcohol inks? They are alcohol based inks that are great for porous surfaces. They blend easily and swirl together to create really unique patterns and colors. I recently got a few to experiment with and I am hooked! They are so much fun (albeit a lot messy) and make the prettiest patterns ever. Let’s just say that after a day of playing with the inks, I created quite a few new DIY’s. First up are these color blocked galaxy mirrors. You all loved my easy color blocked mirrors using metallic foil vinyl, so these were a the next logical step up. Well, logical in a crafters mind! Ha! 


Just look at that amazing galaxy color swirl! These mirrors again use a few basic craft store supplies and only a few colors of alcohol inks, but the effect is out of this world. Ha. See what I did there? 
The Supplies:
Begin by prepping your work surface, this project is messy, so I used a piece of plastic wrap under my mirror to catch all the extra ink. You can also use foil. 
Once your surface is ready and your mirror is taped off, put on your gloves and open all the bottles of ink. 
Begin at the top of the mirror and work your way down in bands of color. Just squirt the ink onto the mirror making sure to cover the surface of the exposed part of the mirror. 
Once you have your ink on the mirror, tip the mirror up to let the ink spread and smear down wards. 
You will be left with something like you see above. While still wet, fling the gold paint pen at the surface of the mirror to get a pretty constellation splatter effect. 
Now let the ink dry and remove the tape. If any ink has gotten under the tape, just spray a piece of paper towel or small q-tip with the rubbing alcohol and use it to remove the extra ink. 
Once the ink dries, it will have a matte effect with just a glimmer of gold from the splatters. 
For a different effect, run your finger through the inks when they are still wet for a more streaky look like you see above. 
Once the inks are dry, spray paint the inner portion of the embroidery hoops (optional) and glue them onto the mirrors. 
Once dry, you can use double sided wall mounting squares to hang your new galaxy mirrors. 
Aren’t they amazing?! And how perfect are they with this DIY gold splatter painted pillow? 

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  1. Hey Kara, these are flipping fab! I like these even more than I liked your other colour blocked abstract mirrors x

  2. I have been wanting to play around with alcohol inks – now I really have to!




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