DIY It – A Metallic Gradient Tassel

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Hey All! I am so excited about today’s tutorial. It’s not that it’s a complex DIY by any means or really anything that new. I am sure you can find a ton of tassel tutorials out there, but the thing that I am excited about is to show you how to create your own gradient metallic felt! I love crafting with felt because it is easy to use and doesn’t fray. I also love all the colors of felt available. But if you are like me, I sometimes need a little something more than just solid colors, so I found a way to easily DIY my own metallic felt for all my crafting needs. And you won’t believe how easy it is to do!

See that perfect metallic gradient look?! Boom. Mind blown. I am about to open a new world of felt crafting possibilities for you! 

The Supplies:

Begin by cutting your felt, Heat n’ Bond or Hot Melt, and the Deco Foil to the length you want your tassel by about 6″. Next iron the hot melt to the felt glue side down. Let cool and then remove the paper backing to expose the glue.

Once the paper backing is removed, lay the foil over the glue side of the felt, cover with a pressing cloth or scrap piece of paper and iron for a few seconds to adhere the foil to the felt. Let cool and then peel back the plastic.

Ta-da! Perfect metallic gradient felt for all your crafting needs! Now to make the tassel repeat the process on the other side to create double sided metallic felt and then fringe cut the felt leaving about 1/2″ at the top uncut.

Roll the felt and glue the top into the tassel cap.

Let the glue dry overnight and your tassel is ready to add to your bag, wallet, or keys!

If you clicked through the link for the deco foil above, you will see that there are all types of metallic foil options available from more watercolor looks to solid colors. So, order a few and make up a ton of metallic tassels or just use the metallic felt for your other crafting needs!

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  1. Julia Sandvoss

    May 2nd, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    This turned out fantastic! Love the color choice of using our Deco Foil Rainbow Transfer Sheets!



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